Token Finder – Sources and Charts for Chrome – Download Free

17 Mar Token Finder – Sources and Charts for Chrome – Download Free


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Tokens and Cryptocurrency – New Tab Extension for Chrome

This app is a crypto-token and token application. It’s a free version. You can subscribe to this application to get more features.

You can get data about different cryptocurrencies (ICOs, STOs, Btci, Erc20, etc.)

What is the secret to it?

It works as any other app which makes available public data about cryptocurrency. The only difference is that it maintains its own database with the prices for all coins and tokens. The app can detect if prices have not been updated and will notify you if no coins are available. If a coin price is updated, then it will also be updated on the screen.

What does the app do?

It is a very simple application.

One of the most popular features is its ability to provide an overview about all information related to a particular coin. The app has an option to dis a detailed source about a coin that is registered.

If you want to get more features, you can get a subscription.


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